MOT Test
The MOT test rules changed on May 20 2018 so don’t get caught out. There are now stricter regulations in place on emissions for diesel cars and new defect types. Vehicles over 40 years old are exempt from these new MOT test changes. Vans, cars, motorbikes and light passenger vehicles are not exempt.

The following are the main changes you should be aware of:-

  • Diesel car emissions now have stricter limits. If your diesel car has a diesel particulate filter or DPF your vehicle will fail a MOT test if smoke of any colour is seen coming out of the exhaust. If the tester finds any evidence the DPF has been tampered with, they will fail the motor. A diesel particulate filter retains and stores exhaust soot so emissions are reduced. If you’re not sure about a DPF, take a look at your vehicle handbook.
  • Defects that are major, minor or dangerous are a new category that MOT testers look for now. Your car will fail the test if it is a risk to road safety or has impacts on the environment. If the vehicle puts other drivers at risk this is seen to be a serious defect and will also fail a MOT test. A minor defect that has no effect on the safety of the motor or the environment may pass if it is repaired as a matter of urgency.
  • Vehicles that are over 40 years old don’t need to have a Ministry of Transport test unless they were registered or manufactured before their 40th year. Check the date the car was first registered to make sure it is within the time limit. Remember when you tax your motor you have to declare that it doesn’t need a MOT test certificate.
  • A new rule is that daytime running lights have to work while tyres must not be under-inflated. The brake fluid is checked to make sure it hasn’t been contaminated and the tester will also make sure any fluid leaks don’t affect the environment. Brake pad warning lights, reversing lights and headlight washers will also be looked at. If brake discs or pads are missing, the car will fail the MOT test.

MOT Test Certificate

Hopefully your vehicle will pass this new MOT test, although the certificate you receive has also changed. Any defects found are clearly stated and written in plain English. It makes things easier for you to get any problems sorted out quickly so your car should pass the test second time around.

Get a reminder

Why not ask for a free MOT reminder either by email or text message, usually a month before the MOT is due? Fees aren’t changing although you can be fined up to £1,000 if your car doesn’t pass its MOT and you’re out on the road.

Another thing to bear in mind is that the government has stipulated that a new vehicle has to have its first MOT after three years.

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