Saving Money on Your Car
After buying a used car it can still be quite expensive running it day to day. To save cash on driving costs, follow these tips.

    • Drive more efficiently – you can reduce every day wear and tear on your car by driving more efficiently. Try to avoid braking too hard as this will wear out the brake pads quickly. Don’t take corners too fast, it could adversely affect the steering and suspension. If you accelerate like a Formula 1 racing driver, the clutch will certainly get damaged in the long term, while revving the engine unnecessarily wears out engine parts.


    • Reduce maintenance costs – taking care of your motor will keep it on the road and also make sure any problems are picked up early. If you don’t have your car serviced regularly, there could be very expensive repairs on the horizon in the future. Check the oil and coolant levels, also look for any leaks. Keep an eye on the tyre pressures on a regular basis. This not only improves fuel efficiency but will reduce the wear on the tyre itself.

      Always try and carry out a pre-MOT check too. Sort any problems out before the MOT is due to save yourself money.


    • Plan your driving routes in advance – if you’re heading for a destination that’s quite a drive away, plan the route in advance. Should you get lost or take a wrong turning, it could cost a great deal in fuel. To find the shortest and quickest way to get to your destination, check out the route. You could also listen to the traffic news to see what the traffic is like on the roads before setting off.

      Being well prepared will certainly cut your journey time and save cash. It’s worth spending a few minutes finding out the best route you need to take so avoiding traffic jams or roadworks.


Planning Car Journey


    • Refuelling – prices of fuel vary a great deal in different petrol stations. Why not browse online to find out where the cheapest petrol prices are and at which petrol stations? Supermarkets often have petrol stations close by where cash-back deals are available. Collect loyalty points for petrol purchases which over a year soon mount up and can then be redeemed.

      Stick to less costly petrol. The more expensive fuel doesn’t always offer benefits for some of the more standard vehicles.


    • Look for the best car insurance – the lowest level of cover isn’t always the best insurance, so do a little research before handing over your cash. Third party insurance is cheap although comprehensive as the name suggests, covers you for a lot more. Should your car be damaged through an accident, you may not be able to recoup the cost if you only have third party cover.

      Using comparison car insurance websites is a sure-fire way to find the best insurance that suits your requirements. Premiums can be decreased if you add a second low-risk person to your policy should you be considered a high-risk driver.


Find out more about how you can save on your car insurance below.

Jan has worked in the car finance industry for the past 20 years and I currently run Zoomo Car Credit. I specialise in car finance, helping customers who who have bad credit get accepted!