Key in car door

Cars are our prized possessions, we all want to keep them safe from opportunists, vandals or thieves. If your vehicle gets stolen, it’s not just the inconvenience but it is also very upsetting too. Without your car you will have to make alternative travel arrangements when you go out not to mention the extra expenses and maybe loss of personal possessions.

Recent statistics highlight that the number of vehicles stolen in England and Wales has increased by 30% over the last few years. What can you do to keep your car safe? Here are some top tips to keep your motor secure and a deterrent to opportunists:-

  • Keep your car locked even if you’re just popping next door
  • When parking at night, make sure the area is well lit. Next to a street lamp is always a good idea
  • Put any valuables in the boot such as computers, mobiles, wallets and handbags especially if the car is unattended
  • When driving and you come to a stop, make sure personal belongings are well hidden in the glove compartment or under one of the seats
  • Don’t leave any items in the boot overnight
  • Keep car keys out of sight in your home and never leave them in the ignition

Households that are targeted by car thieves

Unfortunately households that are often targeted by car thieves are generally:-

  • Property comprising of adults and children – family homes
  • Houses that are semi-detached, terraced, flats or maisonettes
  • Property occupied by social or private renters

Parking your vehicle outside

If you park your car in the drive, make sure there is lots of light around and always park forward. Here are a couple of points when parking at home:-

  • Park as close to your property as you can.
  • Thieves, vandals or opportunists are more unlikely to approach a car if it can be seen easily from the road or your home
  • Park near a window as open spaces can also be a deterrent

Parked car rear wheel

Parking in a car park can also be risky for drivers. Try to park close to other cars and turn the wheels towards the kerb if you park on the road. This will make a getaway more difficult for the perpetrator.

Another useful tip is to have signs in the windows or warning stickers in your car displaying clearly that you have extra security. This can be a simple yet effective deterrent.

Being one step ahead of car thieves will pay off in the end. Be vigilant and take care of your car.

Jan has worked in the car finance industry for the past 20 years and I currently run Zoomo Car Credit. I specialise in car finance, helping customers who who have bad credit get accepted!