Angry Driver

Most drivers have some bad habits when out on the road. We think we are in the right while others think differently. Here are ten of the worst driving habits most of us have encountered or been guilty of at one time or another.

  1. Not using indicators – it’s really annoying if you’re behind another car and it suddenly turns right or left without indicating. It’s not only aggravating but quite dangerous too and could easily cause an accident. Always indicate when turning left or right so you don’t bug other drivers and stay safe.
  2. Driving too slowly – driving slowly can be as dangerous as driving too fast. Stick to the speed limit, only slowing down if there are roadworks or heavy traffic around. For learner drivers who have just passed their test, use “P” plates which will let others know you need a little more time, space and patience.
  3. Not being polite to other drivers – there’s nothing worse if you give way to another car and the driver doesn’t acknowledge the fact with a wave or mouthing “thank you”. A quick nod is all it takes to be polite to other drivers.
  4. Using your mobile – this is now against the law and is one of the worst things you can do when driving. Concentrating on taking a call or making a call is not only dangerous but means you aren’t looking at the road. If you’re caught on your mobile or sending text messages, you will get six points on your licence along with a £200 fine.
  5. Driving Using Mobile

  6. Motoring through puddles – this is more for pedestrians who don’t particularly want to get soaked when a car drives through puddles. Drivers should be aware of this and either avoid the puddle or slow right down. If you do splash pedestrians on purpose the Road Traffic Act 1988 states you can be fined or given penalty points.
  7. Taking up too much space when parking – try to stick within the white lines when parking and don’t take up two spaces instead of one. Car parking is often a nightmare so try not to make it worse for others looking for a space either on the road or in a car park.
  8. At the petrol station – another habit some drivers have is using petrol station pumps when the hose isn’t long enough to fill up the tank. Make sure you pick the side of the car that has the petrol cap on and park close enough to the pump you need.
  9. Parking at the supermarket – if you find the car park full don’t use the disabled or parent and child car parking spaces. These are specifically for people who either have difficulty in walking or have children with them. Stay out of these spaces and think of others less fortunate than yourself, especially with drivers who have disabilities.
  10. Tailgating – this is a common habit many drivers have. They get far too close to the car in front making that driver feel uncomfortable and unsafe. What if someone ran in front of the lead car and the driver had to brake quickly? Keep your distance, at least a car’s length, in front of you and be safe.
  11. Staying in the right lane – always read the road signs wherever you are driving to. Don’t hog the outside or middle lanes unless you are overtaking and the road ahead is clear.

Jan has worked in the car finance industry for the past 20 years and I currently run Zoomo Car Credit. I specialise in car finance, helping customers who who have bad credit get accepted!