With car technology and technology in general developing so quickly in the past ten years or so, expect even further innovations in the motor industry. Here are five of the latest technology ideas that are already or could soon be on the market.

Wi-Fi connectivity

More and more car manufacturers are starting to offer Wi-Fi. You still have to pay for it via a data plan. This will enable drivers to connect to the network via different devices while passengers can:-

  • Surf the net
  • Stream music
  • Stream videos

Drivers will also be able to make hands-free phone calls, send texts or messages and if you’re connected to Apple CarPlay, use Spotify. It’s also on the cards that wireless charging is going to be incorporated into some new cars, so make sure your smartphone is compatible.

Self-driving cars

Although not a new idea, self-driving cars are definitely a thing of the future. Many engineers have tested self-driving vehicles. They know by using radars, cameras and lasers, cars can process information re their surroundings much faster than a human being. This includes things like:-

  • Computerised maps that show road signs
  • Images of the road ahead
  • See traffic lights before the driver can
  • Find alternative routes

If self-driving cars are the norm in the future, drivers will have much more time on their hands. Many designers of this type of vehicle believe platooning, where many cars drive close to each other, could decrease road accidents. The reason for this is cars would communicate with each other so drivers aren’t distracted.

Self Driving Cars

Vehicle to vehicle communication

This is a kind of communication technology which allows cars to talk to each other. The aim is that vehicles with this latest facility will operate more safely. The 2017 Mercedes E-Class now uses V2V communication to find out about climate conditions, info regarding the road ahead and any traffic news.

Night vision

This is going to be a very useful addition to new cars once it takes off. Driving at night is often hazardous. Travelling down dark roads or unfamiliar roads can be quite a challenge. Cars with night vision will be able to alert the driver to objects, people or animals that aren’t readily visible to the naked eye. Thermal imaging provides drivers with the information needed on what lies ahead. This is going to be available on certain cars and models.

Automatic emergency braking

This feature is set to be standard in new vehicles. Audi, Ford, Mazda and Mercedes, to mention a few, are already committed into providing automatic emergency braking in their new cars. It kicks in if a collision is about to happen and helps drivers avoid accidents. Vehicles are going to be fitted with visual or audio warning signals if a collision is imminent.

A great future in car technology

What would you like to see in the future? Airbags that help stop cars? Energy storing body panels? No matter what car manufacturers come up with in the future, there are lots of great ideas in the pipeline for the safety of drivers and their passengers.

What future car technologies would you like to see in the future? Feel free to let us know!

Jan has worked in the car finance industry for the past 20 years and I currently run Zoomo Car Credit. I specialise in car finance, helping customers who who have bad credit get accepted!