Filling up Car With Petrol or Diesel

When choosing to buy a new or used car, think about whether you prefer petrol or diesel. There are pros and cons for both types, advantages and disadvantages. Most car manufacturers offer petrol and diesel for many different makes and models of vehicles.

Recently the Government issued a notice advising drivers to opt for cars that are the least likely to pollute the atmosphere. It’s all about being eco-friendly these days. Be practical when deciding which fuel type you’re after and do a little research before buying your motor. Here are some interesting points to help you:-

  • Diesel cars cost more than petrol cars
  • Costs can vary from £1,000 to £2,000 more for diesel driven motors
  • Diesel engines last longer than petrol engines
  • Diesel cars depreciate at a lower rate
  • Tax as well as insurance costs vary between petrol and diesel cars

Costs and fuel economy

Diesel cars have been for many drivers their first choice of motor. With diesel emissions negatively portrayed in the news at the moment, why not buy a car that uses petrol even if it’s less economical than a diesel? If your mileage in a year is less than 10,000, a petrol engine is certainly a better option.

Diesel engines are preferable for motorway driving and long journeys. Although a mid-size diesel car is capable of doing nearly 20mpg more than a petrol model, the price of the car is considerably higher when buying new. With fuel prices varying per litre, a petrol driven vehicle will save you cash while a diesel motor would cost more to run in the first year.

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Insurance and servicing costs

Diesel vehicles cost approximately 10-15% more to insure than cars driven by petrol. There are two main reasons for this:-

  1. Replacement costs for a diesel car are higher if the vehicle is stolen.
  2. Costs to repair diesel motors are more expensive than their petrol equivalents

When it comes to servicing, a diesel motor is a little cheaper when compared to a petrol vehicle. Diesel cars tend to be serviced less although overall costs are more expensive. Petrol cars are more reliable today and don’t need to be repaired quite as much as they once did.

You can use a cost calculator online to compare diesel and petrol fuel costs per mile, weekly or monthly. Comparing annual fuel costs for both petrol and diesel cars will give you a good idea of what to expect in terms of cash outlay.

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To sum up. With diesel engines being more efficient and using less fuel, they are on a lower tax band than petrol vehicles. However, owners of new diesel cars can expect to pay in general more tax than for petrol motors.

It’s all a matter of personal preference. Do you want to spend more on a diesel car or help the environment by having a petrol-driven motor? If you need guidance, browse online where there are plenty of useful handy hints, tips and advice about petrol versus diesel. Whatever you choose, enjoy being out on the road in your new car!

Jan has worked in the car finance industry for the past 20 years and I currently run Zoomo Car Credit. I specialise in car finance, helping customers who who have bad credit get accepted!