Road Safety Driving Tips For Spring

Winter may be over and done with, but road safety driving tips for spring still require your attention

There are always warnings about how dangerous it can be to drive during winter, and all the extra precautions we should be taking to make sure we stay safe. But what about driving in spring? Springtime might make you think of driving down country lanes in the sunshine, but there is actually quite a lot to look out for as you hit the roads in the warmer weather.

Road safety should be a concern all year round. No season is safe from potential threats to the safety of you and others around you. With that in mind, we’ve put together this handy guide of what you should look out for with our road safety driving tips for spring.

Spring showers

The end of winter doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be all sunshine and warm afternoons from now until October. The UK can typically be extremely wet during the spring and summer months, so you’ll need to make sure you are prepared to drive in potentially hazardous conditions.

Wet weather means you’ll need to drive more carefully and more slowly, giving yourself more time to break. Driving too fast on a wet road surface can cause you to aquaplane, meaning you’ll lose some control of your vehicle. Needless to say, this can be extremely dangerous. When the weather is cold as well as wet, you’ll also have to watch out for icy patches and slippery surfaces.

The Low Sun

Spring might mean more sunshine, but the sun is usually hanging quite low in the sky – particularly in the early morning and late evening. This can result in the sunlight reflecting off the road ahead, causing a glare which makes it difficult to see. Get into the habit of having sunglasses with you whenever you drive.

Motorcyclists and Cyclists

Longer days and warmer weather mean that motorcyclists and cyclists are much more likely to venture out, giving you more potential hazards to be wary of. It’s the responsibility of motorists to pay full attention to the road and be vigilant for the presence of cyclists and motorcyclists. And this is also true in reverse – cyclists have a responsibility to stay aware of the cars around them and to give proper warning before making any sudden movements or changes of direction. If everyone sticks to their duties, everyone should stay safe.

Children and Other Pedestrians

Like cyclists and motorcyclists, pedestrians are a lot more likely to go outside when winter’s over and the weather’s less bitter, especially now that the clocks have gone forward. This means that drivers must constantly be aware of who is around them, and must always be prepared to swerve or stop when they need to.

Children, in particular, require a lot of focus from drivers. Young children are the least likely pedestrians to be careful around roads, and often get lost in their own games and activities. People using phones are another safety risk. Remember, when pedestrians are paying less attention to road safety, drivers must pay more attention.


Similarly, spring marks the return of wildlife on or near the roads. During winter, a lot of animals go into hibernation, but spring is their alarm clock. Small animals like birds and rabbits can be difficult to spot, so it’s important that drivers are always concentrating on the road ahead. This is particularly true for those who live in more rural parts of the country where wildlife is more common. Always check for critters!

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